Stephanie Cooke is a teaching and performing artist based in Portland, Oregon. She teaches a full piano studio with students of all genres, levels and abilities. She is also adjunct faculty at Portland Community College and is actively engaged in music recordings and projects in the Portland area.

Stephanie received her Masters in Piano Performance from Portland State University in 2012 under the study of Professor Lisa Marsh, Professor Darrell Grant and Dr. Susan Chan. She received her Bachelors from Central Washington University under the study of Dr. John Pickett. 

Stephanie is a licensed Andover Educator in Body Mapping, a form of somatic education that promotes facility and prevents injury in practice and performance by giving musicians anatomically correct information about the body. She hosts workshops and private sessions in Body Mapping.

In addition to teaching in both group and individual settings, Stephanie leads the jazz pop group SARCA. The group will release their debut album early 2019, which will feature her compositions and improvisation.

Stephanie is also actively involved with The Connection Experiment, a concert series that bridges gaps between musical genres and emphasizes authenticity and vulnerability as a performing artist. The series features music from the classical, jazz and pop genres.

One of the finest musicians in Portland, Stephanie has recorded and performed extensively with the indie-pop band The von Trapps in the United States and United Kingdom and has made guest appearances with the internationally famous band Pink Martini. She continues to perform and teach regularly.