Stephanie Cooke


"Body mapping" is the term given by William and Barbara Conable to the process of constructively applying an understanding of anatomy to improving how we move. It emphasizes the importance of having an accurate understanding of how the various parts of our body fit together. I like to state it as "If you change what you think, you can change how you move. And if you change how you move, you will change what you feel." Body mapping works directly on the "thinking" end of this equation - the only end with any real "leverage" for making changes. By changing our conceptions of how our parts fit together, we can change how we move them. The accompanying feeling can be one of enormous relief - and fascination with the wisdom underlying our creation.


Andover Educators is a not for profit organization of music educators committed to saving, securing, and enhancing musical careers by providing accurate information about the body in movement. Andover Educators use an innovative and specific technique called Body Mapping to enhance musicians’ abilities and to help those in pain or discomfort. Clear, concise, and practical information about how the body moves in order to make music is presented in the course “What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body” or you can learn more about Body Mapping in private lessons with an Andover Educator.

Andover Educators train musicians and music educators to accurately support and enhance movement in practice and performance with the goal of increasing ease while reducing and eliminating injury. Andover Educators teach in colleges, universities, conservatories, and private studios throughout the world and offer professional development workshops for musicians and music educators.

All Andover Educators are musicians dedicated to helping other musicians and understand the struggles, both physical and mental, that musicians face in their careers. It is the hope of Andover Educators that this method of teaching will encourage wellness and enhanced performance among musicians.



Body mapping workshop 2/17 @ artichoke music!

On Saturday February 17th from 10 am- 4 pm, Stephanie Cooke and her colleague Grace Shimer will present the entire body mapping course "What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body." The course will also invite Lacie Sauter, a highly regarded yoga instructor and manager of Core Power Yoga SE to teach participants different mind/body movements.

The course is a wholistic and comprehensive approach to musicians wellness and empowerment. To register please visit artichoke, search under "School", and the course can be found under "Workshops." 

Here is the direct link: