Humans connect through stories.

We connect through authentic, shared experiences. We connect when we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to understand others’ struggles and strengths. We connect through music.

The goal of The Connection Experiment is to bridge the gap between performer and witness by telling a shared story. During a performance, the musicians in The Connection Experiment are as authentic, vulnerable and in the moment as possible. Their desire is to create space for the connection that happens when people recognize their humanity and create a shared narrative together. 

We are all familiar with our society’s romantic idea of a performer: a musical superstar, taking uninterrupted command of the stage, being a divine vessel through which music moves. At the core of this is an unrealistic expectation for performers to be supernatural, leaving no room for their innate humanness. In idealizing music and making it something divine, we inadvertently create a sense of distance and separation between artist and audience. The Connection Experiment seeks to shed the preconceived notions of what a concert should be, and take ownership of what it is.